Smartvest Wireless Alarm System and App- Basic Set

  • The Smartvest Wireless Alarm System & App – Basic Set enables easy access to modern homes with its combination of reliable all-round security and attractive home-automation functions. The “smart” in the name refers not only to the product and the tablet- and smartphone-based operation, but also to the fact that installation is very easy thanks to the Plug and Play and the preconfigured components in the set. Wiring and drilling are thus finally a thing of the past. In addition to the alarm control panel and app, the basic set also offers everything you could need to ensure basic security for your home thanks to its opening and motion detector, remote control and related accessories. The free app gives you access to the alarm panel from around the world and with it the peace of mind that everything is OK at home. If an alarm is triggered, the alarm panel activates its built-in, high-volume 90dB siren; it can also raise the alarm simultaneously via push notifications in the app and email. An integrated hygrometer makes it possible to react to changes in room temperature and humidity at any time. Furthermore, the Basic Set can be extended to include up to 32 wireless components and four IP cameras, enabling you, for example, to simulate presence with the Smartvest wireless socket (FUHA35000A) and automate a wide variety of other electronic devices.
    The Smartvest Wireless Remote Control is protected against so-called replay attacks by an integrated security mechanism. All switching commands to the Smartvest alarmpanel are individualized and thus not reproducable by unauthorized third parties.