4ipnet EAP-210

4ipnet EAP210 is an enterprise-grade, dual-band 802.11n indoor access point, designed specifically for environments such as offices, universities, hotels, and hospitals. Featuring a 2×2 MIMO radio that can support up to 300 Mbps data rate, the EAP210 is ideal for providing wire-like performance that is crucial for businesses. Traffic prioritization ensures that bandwidth hungry applications such as HD videos can stream perfectly, while enforcing strict QoS requirements for VoIP and mission critical services.

With the rising demand for uninterrupted streaming, more and more devices are supporting 5 GHz operation to utilize the wider available bandwidth. Shifting clients to the 5 GHz band alleviates congestion on existing 2.4 GHz networks, improving the overall wireless experience. Nevertheless, given the large proportion of devices today that are 2.4 GHz-only, supporting 2.4 GHz operation is still a necessity. For organizations that wish to optimize the number of physical APs while maintaining the flexibility of servicing either 2.4 or 5 GHz clients, the EAP210 offers the best of both worlds.

The EAP210’s exterior is a plenum-rated, dust-proof metal housing that is extremely sturdy and flexible to deploy. With a built-in mounting mechanism, the EAP210 can be placed on regular flat surfaces or mounted on walls. The two external, dual-band antennas are adjustable and removable, allowing wireless coverage to be optimized for each deployment scenario. Combined with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support that eliminates the need for traditional power sources, the EAP210 offers an unparalleled deployment flexibility.

When used with the 4ipnet WHG Controller, the EAP210 supports a wide-array of value added applications required by enterprises and organizations, such as bandwidth control, user authentication and billing, centralized WLAN management, and much more. Along with stringent yet customizable security policies, the flexible and fully-featured EAP210 becomes the ideal choice for all types of businesses, from small coffee shops to large corporations.

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