ABUS Digital Wireless Monitoring Set

ABUS Myndavélakerfi

  • 2 myndavélar með upptökustöð
  • Getur geymt allt að 3 mánuði af myndefni
  • Góð upplausn í myrkri
  • Einfalt í uppsettningu , tengist með QR kóða (plug and play)
  • Skynjar hreyfingu og getur kveikt á öryggiskerfi
  • Kerfinu er stjórnað í símanum
  • Frábær lausn fyrir heimili og minni fyrirtæki


Complete set with recorder, 2 x wireless outdoor cameras, 3 x power supply units and accessories
The compact digital wireless monitoring set from ABUS reliably protects small properties day and night: The VGA resolution makes for brilliant picture sharpness which is guaranteed even in darkness due to the integrated infrared night vision function. Sensitive motion detection identifies movement in the detection field of the camera and sets off an alarm in the event of unauthorised access. Using the app, you can access the video images of up to four cameras simultaneously and see if everything is okay.

Intuitive installation with app and QR code for iOS and Android
The wireless monitoring set is also installed using the app and a QR code. Even technical laymen can set up the video surveillance system quickly and easily. Since all components communicate wirelessly, the system can be installed with almost no mess.

Up to 3 months of continuous recording thanks to low network load
The efficient H.264 data compression reduces the data volume of the image data to a minimum, thereby enabling one to three months of continuous recording when connected to an external 500 GB hard disk drive. Recording is done either on a micro SD card or via a USB port on an external hard disk drive with a maximum of 2 TB. All storage media are available as accessories and can be integrated into the wireless monitoring set according to your preferences.

The effective IR range will depend on the installation location. If there are surfaces that absorb light or no objects that reflect IR light in the field of view, the IR range will be reduced and/or the video image will be too dark. Reflective objects in the immediate vicinity of the camera (e.g. roof gutter or wall) may also result in the reflection of IR light, which can disturb the image.