Devolo – Rakaskynjari

Always the perfect room climate.

  • Reliably detects changes in humidity or temperature and alerts owners by sending notifications to their preferred device when either is excessive or insufficient
  • Prevents the growth of mould by maintaining a healthy room climate
  • Continuous monitoring enables the Humidity Sensor to record ongoing data and report long-term analysis
  • A discreet and compact design that ensures the device is not intrusive
  • Flexible installation means you can set it up easily with either adhesive films or screws
  • The extra-long range enables owners to monitor climate from further away, which is useful for areas such as sheds and garages
  • Superior long-life battery (up to five years’ battery life)
  • Combine the Humidity Sensor with your existing Home Control components at any time
  • The standardised Z-Wave® wireless technology ensures the device is future-proofed