Devolo – Ofnastýring

Devolo hitastýring

  • Hitastýring er tengd við ofn og getur stjórnað hita eftir tíma stillingu.
  • Hægt að breyta hita írafrænt og á ofninum
  • Stýrir hita og passar að ekki sé og heitt eða kalt

devolo Home Control Wireless Radiator Thermostat

  • Controls the room temperature via time control depending on your individual daily routine and gives you flexibility for programming each day of the week.
  • Holiday mode for maximum energy savings
  • Fits all current radiators. Simply replace conventional radiator thermostats.
  • Ready to use in no time: can be installed easily, without special tools or expertise.
  • Manual temperature control at the thermostat, and intuitive operation via free Apple iOS and Android app for smartphones and tablets or the computer
  • Illuminated display to show temperature
  • Connected via Z-Wave® wireless technology to additional devolo Home Control components.
  • Individually expandable at any time with other devolo Home Control components
  • Future-proof thanks to standardised Z-Wave® wireless technology
  • Highest data security via certified systems in Germany
  • No monthly follow-up costs after purchase