Wired Outdoor Sounder

You can install the ABUS Wired Outdoor Sounder (compact alert) inside and outside of your building. This professional combination signaling unit is the critical module of a completely functioning alarm chain. The alarm siren with LED flash technology is a combination signaling unit. When there is an alarm, the siren generates a very loud signal with more than 106 dB of acoustic pressure. The duration of the alarm is programmable. In addition to the acoustic protection, there is a visual alarm in the form of a red flashing light that is visible over a long distance (flash frequency: 1 Hz). The siren and flashing light can be activated separately. The flashing light can flash until the alarm system is manually reset, while the acoustic tone ends after a defined period of time. Additional setting variants are possible via jumpers. The signal generator is protected against sabotage via a cover and tamper-proof seal. The integrated emergency power supply also leads to an alarm in the event of attempted sabotage by cutting the cables. Depending on the model, the flashing lights are red (AZSG10000), orange (AZSG10005), or blue (AZSG10010).