Home Center Lite

FIBARO Home Center Lite 

  • Flottstjórnstöð fyrir hússtjórn og snjall heimili
  • Virkar með Amazon Alexa – Google home
  • Snjall vörur frá helstu framleiðensdum virka með Fibaro
  • tengdu Phillips Hue og Apple home kit við Fibaro

FIBARO Home Center Lite is the home automation controller, used to manage the FIBARO system. 

  • It is a compact version of Home Center 2.
  • Works with graphic and user-friendly interface which allows to control all of the devices and create scenes.
  • Uses wireless Z-Wave technology to manage multiple connected devices simultaneously.
  • Compatibile with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Interface available through web browser or phone app.
  • Simple set up and configuration.
  • Compatible with range of Z-Wave sensors, actors, remotes, and various IP cameras.
  • Low energy consumption.


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