Secvest Touch Wireless Alarm system

Design meets security 
The Secvest Touch wireless alarm system’s control panel features an elegant touchscreen interface that meets even the highest design standards. Its capacitive user interface can be backlit constantly or only when touched. An integrated light sensor ensures that the backlighting adjusts dynamically according to the lighting conditions. This ensures optimal readability of the display at all times, regardless of the lighting conditions. The alarm also features a cleaning mode, which allows the cover to be cleaned without accidentally triggering or setting off other functions.
Proven all-round protection 
For years, Secvest has been ranked among the most successful alarm systems in the security market. In addition to classic alarm functions for protection against intrusion, fires, flooding and emergencies, it provides a variety of modern security functions: Electronic access control systems are integrated directly into the alarm system. This allows users to completely monitor all movements in the building at any given time. Live video verification is also possible with the Secvest Touch wireless alarm system. Users can integrate up to six IP cameras into the system and can easily pull up live streams at any time using the app. The Secvest Touch wireless alarm system’s mechatronic detectors provide the kind of unique, dual protection against intruders that you can only get from ABUS.
Flexible system extension and simple configuration 
Up to 48 individually identifiable wireless detectors and four wired detectors allow for flexible system extension as needed. The Secvest Touch wireless alarm system is very easy to install. The components can be easily configured using the integrated web browser.