Secvest Wireless Emergency Transmitter

More security thanks to personal emergency calls
The Secvest wireless emergency call transmitter turns your Secvest wireless alarm system into an emergency call centre: At the touch of a button, you can trigger a medical emergency call or panic alarm via your wireless alarm panel. The compact and lightweight handheld transmitter fits in your pocket and is comfortable to use. At the push of a button, an emergency call can be sent to either a predefined number (such as a family member) or a monitoring station, depending on the setting, via the integrated Secvest dialling device.
Easy to use and long battery life
The emergency transmitter used in combination with the alarm system allows older or vulnerable individuals to live a worry-free, independent life within their own four walls. The wireless emergency call transmitter can either be fastened to a wristband, belt, or worn around the neck. The transmitter is resistant to water jets (protection class IP65) and can therefore even be worn in the shower. Fitted with the correct batteries (3 V lithium batteries) the wireless emergency call transmitter will last for approx. 5 years.