Secvest Wireless Smoke Detector

Rapid warning about fire and smoke
The visual Secvest wireless smoke alarm device reacts even to the finest smoke particles in the air. If these particles enter the detector’s measurement chamber, the alarm is triggered and occupants are warned about the dangerous smoke by the loud alarm tone, giving them enough time to take appropriate measures.
It can be used as a standalone detector, or integrated into the Secvest wireless alarm system.
The smoke alarm device can be used on its own or integrated into the Secvest wireless alarm system. Once integrated into the Secvest, the wireless smoke detector constantly monitors a zone, even if the system is disarmed. As well as the alarm sent via the alarm panel, the detector’s integrated piezo sounder provides an additional alert of up to 85 dB.

24-month battery life
Fitted with the correct batteries, (3 AA alkaline batteries) the wireless smoke alarm device will last for approx. 24 months. The lifetime varies according to how regularly the detector function is tested. Weekly testing is recommended. The detector beeps regularly to indicate that the battery life is coming to an end.